20 August 2013

With the latest Samsung S4 release, Samsung had made it very clear that it is not going to stand behind in the league of smartphones since Apple is consistently working on its iPhone family. Samsung has a very strong back support of Google in form of Android. So with the passing time; a common man can come very easily under dilemma that which smartphone he should pick from these wind range available in the market.

Samsung has introduced a lot of features in it Galaxy S4 model. Air Gesture is one of the coolest feature among them. You just glide your hand over the phone and you phone acts on your signs. Smartphones have made life easier for us since day-to-day tasks keep playing in our hands.

With these upcoming hardware coming on and on; software world also keeps booming. There are lots and lots of programmers/coders keep emerging with their new ideas embedded in their apps/games. And these guys try to bring in innovation.

What if we get the newest features of S4 in our economical simple Android phone ? Let’s say… what you can achieve if you get the Air Gesture feature in your Samsung Galaxy Ace phone ?? Yes… it is possible. A pair of guys from Pune have come up with this cool app that turns your simple android phone into a cool Air Gesture enabled phone and you can play with your phone with just a wave over it. Just install the app from Google Play and that’s all you have got to do. Download. These guys have released this app recently and they have a strong roadmap to enhance this app. We just have to imagine what is it in future that this app has to deliver.

From the developers:

Use Wave2Wake to awaken(unlock) your phone by simply gliding(waving) your hand over your phone. No touch required. No power/unlock button required. Apart from giving you a touch-free experience, using this app will also reduce the wear on your power/unlock button. If you use a flip cover, you can simply flip it open to unlock(wake) your phone, no button presses required! And more importantly, it hardly consumes any battery–it’s like the app isn’t running at all!

See the video to see it in action.

Why should I use this app?
  • To reduce wear on your power/unlock button.
  • Use your flip cover to wake your phone.
  • Its faster than pressing the unlock button.
  • Quickly see the time and notifications.
  • To get a magical touch-free experience.
  • It’s free.

Try it out and give us/the developers your feedback and suggestions.

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