18 June 2013

Necessity : Mother of Invention

I re-phrase it … Necessity : Mother of “Google It” :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

A great moment where Let Me Google That For You comes handy. Right from the range of very trivial queries like “What is Eclipse Juno ?” to the trickiest job I faced recently i.e. “How do we configure Nginx Server to make it work with Wordpress on PHP-FastCGI Process Manager ?”

Anyways … the point is, A mere substitute of phpMyAdmin where you don’t work with a typical XAMPP (WAMPP) flavor Web Environment and where you do not have access to phpMyAdmin directly. Of course; you can always go with MySQL Workbench, but personally I did not find it appealing and user friendly as far as Ubuntu or any other Linux based distros are concerned. (I’m unaware of Mac or Windows environment).

That’s where Adminer comes into picture.


  • A Database management in just a single PHP file.
  • Just download it; put it into the root directory of your web server.
  • Hit the URL.
  • Your own Web based Database client is ready to serve you.

A very basic UI might raise your eyes but personally it caught my interest and can come handy at times if you want to save up your time configuring the DB client all day long.

Adminer is the gateway where you can find the Downloads and other documentation or support stuff. There’s an API documentation also available if you wanna fidget around with the code. Maybe … you can have your own customized DB client.

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