20 March 2014

Truths of Womanhood does not reside in the Manhood; but the ultimate feminism it tends to hold. Be it irony or reality.

I guess this is a bit late as well; but better late than never.

Who am I ? I’m a mother, I’m a wife, I’m a friend, I’m a sister and I’m also a daughter. But does it end over here for me ? Is it that I get to do what I feel like doing even after fulfilling all my responsibilities ? Can I roam around wherever and whenever I want to go without worrying about anything like hell ? Can I stay peacefully without hearing out people telling me what I should be wearing, how I should be behaving, how I should be sitting in a public place, how I should not be getting angry and as if this is not enough; how I should be not worrying about my own dreams and just forget about it even before I start weaving hopes for the only thing that I’ve ever wanted.

A Simple answer to all this is a Big No. If we keep all the complexity of this society to one side and just observe her, we can see the beauty of it, we can look through her eyes. And it’s not hell lot of a thing that she desires. She’s a princess to a father. She’s a queen to a husband. She’s a angel to a son. And she’s also guardian to a brother. The only thing she’s not or rather should not be is disappointed. Why do we have to keep a special day to celebrate her feminism ? Why does she have to feel that this world is still not for her and she has to be surrounded by this male dominant society ? Why does she have to feel awkward for those lusty stares in the public ? She has to live in this insecure environment where each step she puts outside the house in the night is a burden, a fear in her mind that haunts her.

She should be the essence that drives our life. It does in fact; but I would not call it drive. It’s just a mere responsibility on her shoulder of which she should be free. She’s like a charm that sits on the the head of a society like a crest but unfortunately we do not understand its value and yet we keep moving ahead in the human race.

Wake up!! How far can we go with this? Somewhere down the line this has to stop in order to truly empower our women and the feminism in their womanhood. Let’s make this world a better place with equality of life for life as we know it itself is the balance of both; feminine and masculine. Let us not make her mad; I think her magic in its own is the essence of her pyre !

She’s mad; but she’s magic! There’s no lie in her fire!

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