14 December 2013

Sixteen …. An exciting time … An exciting age … And there’s this strange enigma going around in your mind, in your heart and in soul as well which is sufficient enough to have you live your life on edge. They think they know how this world works and this thought of theirs make them so invincible that it becomes hard to argue with them and they can beat you at any cost with this single zest in their mind. They are crazy; they are smart enough to understand that world is fooling them around. At the same time they are not matured enough to understand the real outer world that is waiting around for them to make their first step out of their shell and till that time it is their gala time, and nobody is able to understand this mind. Even if you try; you don’t get the success at all. Because for that you will need to be a teenager; a sweet sixteen persona that has the right state to understand the flow where the life is taking them; which is not even enough at times. The destiny is not meant to end your teenage just like the way it is supposed to be. Of course, you live after that. But it does leave an impact on the days that are at your door-step for the next phase.

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